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These are just some ideas.  Be creative! This is your time to make special memories with your baby. 

  • A Lock of Hair (if baby had hair)
  • Handprints
  • Footprints
  • Molds of Handprints and Footprints
  • Newborn Picture
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identification Bracelets
  • Record of Weight, Length, Head & Chest Measurements
  • Receiving blanket your baby was first wrapped in
  • Card hanging on door to notify hospital personnel of loss
  • Hold the baby
  • Bathe the baby
  • Dress the baby in a special outfit
  • Sing to the baby
  • Rock the baby
  • Invite family to spend time with baby
  • Take pictures of baby and others holding baby (see Sample Pictures)
  • Have your baby baptized (if desired)
  • Say a special prayer, blessing, or verse
  • Request Autopsy (if desired)
  • Ask Questions
  • Gather information about Support Groups
  • Gather information about Funeral Homes and Costs
  • Make clear to family members what you want done with nursery items by the time you come home.  People handle grief in different ways, so don’t let your family decide what is best for you.   Do you want everything put away, nursery door closed, baby items around house stored away, or things left as is?



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